Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Not so Routine

Today we took a break from our regular rhythm and jumped in the car for an educational adventure!

While I was puttering after breakfast I was thinking about our recent history lessons.  We've been discussing confederation and specifically the Charlottetown Conference. I decided it would be fun to go right to the source of these historic moments and jot them down in our sketch books.

The kids were thrilled!  We packed a picnic lunch and I let other homeschoolers know that  we were headed to Victoria Park for lunch if anyone cared to join us.

Our first stop was Goverment Building.  We parked at the old Battery (the cannons by Victoria Park) and walked up to the residence. We read a brief history of the structure and it's role during the time of Confederation and then the kids sketched the building.

 Hard at work.

 Such beautiful architecture.

We made our way to Victoria Park after our sketches were done and we completed some other school stuff we  had brought with us.

We had a lovely time visiting with other homeschoolers and enjoying our picnic lunch.  Levi enjoyed the picnic lunch part the best I'd say though. He managed to abscond with the meat from everyone's sandwich!  I was so thankful that my friend Rachel came with peanut butter and jam! I was able to make pb&j bagels for the kids instead.

After our picnic and play time we headed over to Province House for more sketches and history.  It was a perfect day for being outdoors and sketching.

It was also a good day for a BBQ supper with salad.  After which Marko and I went on a quick little date to What's the Scoop for some yummy ice cream and we cleaned the car.  Do we know how to live it up or what?!!

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