Saturday, May 07, 2016

Off to Gramma and Granpa's House

We had a wonderful visit with my folks today!  So very happy to have the boat running across the Strait once again!

The kids gave Gramma Hope their homemade Mother's Day cards and then hastily made their way to the dining room to play with toys.  While the kids played we sat down in the living room and chatted until lunchtime.  Lunch was delicious and filling, which was good since most of us were heading out on a little nature hike down in the woods.  Grampa stayed home while Levi napped.

We all loved climbing and exploring the woods on my parent's lot.  So much to see and good fun to be had..And mud!  Who could forget the mud! Thankfully we had some changes of clothes and Gramma got the dirty stuff into the laundry right away so we could take it home clean.

Once we got back from our trek we had some healthy munchies and while we chatted the kids had some t.v. time. Then we had supper and quickly packed up the car to head back to PEI.

Such a great day!

The intrepid explorers.

We marveled at the little animal tracks we found!

Always looking for a good skipping rock!

One very tired doggy.

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