Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spring Cleaning

After taking care of our school work this morning it was off to the garage to clean up.  The garage was jam packed with stuff and it was high time I got in there and dealt with it.  The kids help lug everything out and put it into piles.  There were toys, bikes, clothes, summer stuff, winter stuff and all sorts of odds and ends.  It was great to put the deck furniture back out and put away the winter coats and boots.

There was just so much stuff!  By times it was overwhelming trying to deal with it all.  I did end up taking quite a few trunk loads of bags of clothes to every red donation box in the Montague area.  I still have some things I'd like sell in a yard sale but if they don't sell then off to Value Village they will go.

In the afternoon Sean and Emma-Lyn made these little clay pots.  So cute and colourful!

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