Thursday, May 12, 2016

There is Nothing Quite Like a Rocking Chair

Before jumping into our school stuff I decided to do some rearranging in the boys' room.  Things were all cramped under the loft bed so I jostled their dressers around and got Sean's bed under the loft bed.

Unfortunately because of the limited space I had to move the rocking chair out.  I can't believe how much this broke my heart.  I absolutely love my time rocking with Levi on this chair. Every time before his nap and before bedtime we sit and rock and chat or sing or whatever he wants to do. And I. Love. It.  I cried as I dragged it out into the hallway.  I tried to rearrange the dressers but nothing worked and there's no other space in the house for this chair. Levi was also not impressed about losing his rocking chair.

I took it out to the garage and it felt so wrong, like I was taking an old friend and just leaving them behind. Thankfully Marko is a very understanding husband and we're trying to find a way to bring the chair back.  It may mean giving the boys our dresser and looking for a new to us one for our bedroom.

This afternoon we popped over to a local craft shop and I picked up some new yarn to crochet a blanket  for Sean.

Just getting started.

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