Thursday, May 05, 2016


Sometimes it's just fun to mix things up a bit.  So this morning while the kids were finishing up breakfast, I brought out the Sight Word Bingo game I just bought recently.  We enjoyed several rounds while they slurped up the last of their cereal.

It was a great start to the day.  Levi was still feeling pretty cuddly so we cuddled at the kitchen table while the others read books in the living room.  The excavator was back filling in the hole with dirt which the boys watched for a bit then carried on with their school work.  Any time Levi would hear the excavator he would make a bee-line for the patio doors and gleefully exclaim, "Look Mommy, a exa-gait-er!!"

In the afternoon Marko took the older kids to town with him for an appointment.  This was unexpected but very much welcome for everyone.  The kids were excited to hangout with daddy and I was excited for some quiet time to workout and do some homeschool planning.

I'm thrilled to report that I completed my journey with the 30 day jump rope challenge.  It was amazing!  Also painful by times and stretched me both physically and mentally!  I can't wait for the next challenge. Just to get an idea of what a jump rope work out looks like this is what we had to complete for today:

- 100 basic jumps
- 90 alternate foot jumps
- 80 jump rope jacks
- 70 seal jacks
- 60 mountain climbers
- 50 bodyweight squats
- 40 push-ups
- 30 double unders
- 20 crawl out push-ups
- 10 burpees

This was the hardest of all the workouts to be sure! I will confess my push ups after 10 were done on my knees and I thought my arms might fall off! But it was all good and I'm so glad that I did it!

And this evening I went to dance class and had a great time learning new steps and then following that up with a lemonade and a chat with my lovely friend Claire at the Upstreet Brewery.

And these are my two fun finds from Value Village tonight.  I slipped in just before dance class. The game in the green box is called Shut the Box and it's a math game.  Can't wait to play that with the kids.  And I think Sean is going to love tinkering with the molecular model set.

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