Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Crazy Whrilwind Visit

My folks came to visit today and it turned into a bit of a fiasco.  It started before they even managed to get on the boat.  Their car was acting up but they made on the boat and they made it all the way to the Whim road before the car broke down.  Luckily for them they landed in the yard of mechanic.  He was on his way out for an appointment but promised to work on the car when he got back.

We managed a quick but somewhat stressful visit until they heard back from the mechanic that he had fixed the problem and should be able to get back home without any problem.  My folks decided they had had enough adventure for one visit and headed home early.  Thankfully they did manage to make it home without any further car issues.

Emma-Lyn and I had a nice date at What's the Scoop and we enjoyed walking through the nearby greenhouse and picking out our favourite flowers.

Marko and I planted some tomatoes and then we all went for a walk as a family through the neighbourhood to pick up some lattice a friend had offered to us. 

On our way there as we were walking past a trailer with a big white truck cab sitting in the driveway, an elderly lady popped out and called to us.  She mentioned that someone she knew, knew us.  Marko and I were kinda dumbfounded and stood and just kinda stared at the lady.  She called out the name Jonathan Roach and we both still stood mystified at why this lady was calling to us.  Then she said, "He knows your names--he knows who you are--you're Laura aren't you?"  And finally I clued in as I looked at the truck cab again and realized this was a friend from way back when and he had been trucking out west for some time.  We immediately went right over and enjoyed a lovely chat with Jonathan and his Grandmother.  Funny how things go sometimes!

And tonight I enjoyed a lovely time out with the girls.

Lovely purple lupins in Karen's yard.

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