Monday, June 06, 2016

A Garden Walk and a Fond Farewell

 Although the day was grey and drizzling, we headed over to our friend's beautiful vegetable garden.  During the tour the kids spotted a garter snake and were quite thrilled with it...I'm pretty sure the snake did not share their sentiments. 

After the tour we got to pop in for a brief visit.  The kids immediately gravitated to the cozy little window seat and made themselves comfortable and read some books.

 The kids also got to check out the goats.  Always a favourite!

 The cozy corner.

This brings us to the Fond Farewell part of our day.  We met up with our dear friend Melinda and her baby Abishai for one last visit before they head back to the States.  Our friends the MacGregors and the Bueckerts joined us for some fun at McDonalds.  While the children played in the play place we chatted and enjoyed our time. Melinda is such a lovely mom and great friend, we will certainly miss her and her family.

 Melinda and I--this shot kinda makes me chuckle as it kinda looks like that I have a purple halo above my head
All the mamas together.

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Melinda Johnson said...

We will miss you all, too!