Saturday, June 04, 2016

A Party and Play Dates

What an enjoyable day from start to finish!

I dropped Nate off for a birthday party at eleven o'clock this morning and then Emma-Lyn and I continued on to Janet's place for a step dance play date.  Marko and Sean did some yard work together while Levi napped.

Janet has such a gorgeous view from her place, I couldn't help but spend some time just marveling at it and snapping some pictures. Claire and Holly also joined us.  We enjoyed our picnic lunch and some play time before heading out to the deck to practice our step dance routine. It was such a delight to be outside and dancing up a storm with my wonderful friends.  The girls also sharpened up their steps for their solos and the jig they do together.

Afterwards we headed over to Claire's so I could pick up my sunglasses and we stayed for coffee and another wee play date.  Once the last drop of coffee was down it was time to hit the road once again.

Since we were in the right part of the Island we also popped in for a quick visit to the Bowman's.  Denise's mom has moved all the way from B.C to make P.E.I her new home.  I just had to stop in and say hello with a great big hug!  So happy to have Liz here again!  And it was fun to show them all the new rig.

Back home we went hungry as could be.  It was burgers and sausages for supper.  Yummy!  After supper Marko took Levi on his first Father/Son date.  He was ever so pumped!  They enjoyed some McFlurries at McDonalds together.

As we were putting things away in the garage for the night, the kids asked for a family bike ride down the trail.  I couldn't think of a better way to finish off the evening so away we went.  Levi LOVED it!! He rode in the seat behind me and hooting and hollering gleefully!

Can't wait for more warm summer days to walk/ride the trails and enjoy our family outings!

Levi all geared up for his first date!

And the lovely, breathtaking views from Janet's place. Sigh...

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