Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Good Books

It was a bit of a mish mash of doing this and that this morning. There was Lego at the kitchen table, blocks in the living room and Emma-Lyn and I stole away to my bedroom to do some quiet reading time together.  I'm so proud of how well she read.  And even when she got stumped she didn't lose her cool, she just kept working until she got it right!

I have a confession--Sometimes I have overdue books that have somehow lost their way in our home and our wonderful local librarian will buy me time by renewing said book(s).  Well, not so at the library in Charlottetown which I found out over the weekend.  Thus I was that much more motivated to find the M.I.A books. This morning Victory was mine!!

 I found the illusive books stuck under our pull out couch. One book had managed to get wedged between one of the bars and the mattress. How this actually happens--I have no idea.  This meant it was indeed time for another jaunt to the library where I found this little gem:

 I'm looking forward to reading it for our poetry and tea times.

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