Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

What a beautiful yet wildly windy day it was today!

Marko preached this morning and we had his mom come and join us for lunch.  We thought about eating out on the deck but we were afraid the wind might take off with the big umbrella so we stayed inside.

Later in the afternoon, Marko and I enjoyed sitting in the backyard as the kids puttered about.  We hadn't really made any solid plans for the day so we quickly came up with a fun itinerary for the rest of our afternoon and evening.

Marko went for a quick bike ride with the big kids while Levi napped and I continued to enjoy the warmth and quiet of the backyard.
 The team heading out for their ride.

Then we pulled out the sprinkler for some water fun.  The kids were super pumped for that!

So happy to have a warm enough day to play with water again!

After our sprinkler fun, we got everyone dried off and ready to head down to the waterfront to play.  The big kids rode their bikes while I walked and daddy and Levi took the van.  Daddy and Levi had a secret mission the others didn't know about.  They were picking up pizza and garlic fingers for supper!

The kids were sooo thrilled!  It was a bit of an adventure trying to have a civilized meal as the wind was desperate to upset all our plates of food and send half full cups flying off the picnic table. We did manage to enjoy our meal before packing everything up and heading over to What's the Scoop for an ice cream dessert.

 So windy--everyone had to hold their plates as they ate!

 Daddy and his gift.

Once we finished off our dessert we headed home and tidied up the house before the kids headed out for some more biking around the block.  They should sleep like logs tonight!

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