Sunday, June 12, 2016

Kinda Crazy Adventure Sunday

It started out as a fairly regular Sunday, what with church and Sunday school and such but that all changed when my lovely friend Kara called.  She was heading into town and wanted to know if I'd like to come too.

Sounded good to me, so I quickly grabbed my purse and jacket and off we went.  We went to various places picking up items for upcoming ministry events. It was fun to chat and shop and check things off the list.  As we were getting on in the afternoon, Kara suggested heading over to Rib Fest for a bite to eat.  That sounded like the best idea ever!

It wasn't long before we found ourselves in the line up at Billy Bones looking for a nice half rack of ribs.  While we were waiting the gentlemen behind us noticed that there weren't any ribs on the BBQ.  That's not a good sign.  Kara suggested asking if they still had ribs.  I ran up to the vendor and sure enough, they were out of ribs as well as all the other vendors.  Kara and I were crestfallen but decided we would head to Hunters in search of the elusive half rack of ribs.

Hunters did indeed have ribs---YAY!! But they wanted crazy amounts of money for it---BOO!! Kara had already gotten a Pepsi but we were on a time constraint so we told the waitress we were leaving and would settle up the pop bill--kindly she just let us skedaddle on outta there.

It was then we admitted defeat to not finding ribs for supper but we were still hungry and found a Chinese restaurant in Stratford.  We walked in and sat down but we both found the place had a funny odor to it--not one conducive to enjoying a good meal.  Once again we picked up our purses and headed down to the pub on the corner.  We only got sitting down when a waitress approached us to inform us that they're kitchen is closed on Sundays.  It was then I just let my head drop on the table.

Last ditch effort was stopping at Phinley's and it was well worth it.  Great food and service and the price was right too.

Such a fun and kinda crazy afternoon!

This evening as Marko and I were reading our books on the couch, he happened to glance over at me and saw this: 
Made him laugh and take a second glance to make sure I hadn't morphed into an old Dutch woman!
And if you're wondering--this is an AMAZING book!  I'm loving it! Thank you Emily for literally putting this in my hands!

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