Friday, June 10, 2016

Rib Fest!!

 What a fun Friday it has been!  The kids and I worked through cleaning the house this morning and then met the MacGregors at church to do more cleaning.  The kids did help out and then set off for some adventure outside.

The MacGreogors came over for lunch and a lovely playdate.  Love to sip my coffee and chat with Jackie as the kids play Lego or jump on the trampoline.

We had the unexpected surprise..(I guess all surprises are unexpected--kind of the essence of a surprise isn't it?!) of having Marko come home early for the weekend.  YAY!!

After Jackie and the kids headed out we decided to head in town and check out the Rib Fest...Mmmmm...Ribs.  So delicious!

There were four vendors to choose from and the ohhh the yummilicious aromas that greeted you as you looked around trying to find the right line to walk up to.  We decided to try out Billy Bones and we were not disappointed! So very, very good!

 Don't those look amazing?!  The kids shared a half rack of ribs while Marko and I shared a chicken and ribs combo.  We also picked up some cornbread and fries.  It was a great evening out.  It was so good that we've decided to make it a Peric tradition to go to Rib Fest every year!

 The chicken and rib combo. YUM!

 Mr. Rib Sauce Face

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