Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Switching Gears

The weather is improving and attention spans are declining--funny how those things coincide in my house.  And I feel that this is the right time to bring it down a notch and do things a bit differently. 

We'll be spending more time outside to work on the garden and the yard.  We'll think about nature and the world around us rather than just our book work.  We'll still have some school work days but for the rest of the month of June we'll be spending more time in nature and working on living together in harmony.  We've had some rough days and I think it's time to build up our relationships without the distraction of schoolwork getting in the way.

This evening Marko and I got a moment to slip out for a little date night.  We drove over to Knox's Falls and Dam and enjoyed the sweet smelling apple blossoms.  It was a bit brisk but a lovely evening to be together--just us.

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Mom D said...

You can even put the books away for now - not reading of course - but that secondary stuff. Only do it if it helps keep some sense of order but don't do book work because it "needs to be done". Enjoy this season of outdoor activity. Somehow the first part of the season is always the most special so don't miss out on that!