Sunday, July 31, 2016

L.Y.S.C Day 6

 A picture from today:

Today was another gorgeous summer day!  Marko preached in the morning and then took his mom out for lunch.

In the evening we were off to Tea Hill for a family picnic.  The weather was perfect and the sandbars were calling our names.  The kids enjoyed splashing through the tidal pools and finding hermit crabs.  

I went a little crazy with taking pictures...but it's such a beautiful spot!


 Little man enjoying the warm water.

 Time to splash his way back to Mommy.

 So relaxing.

 Time to play in the sand.

 This one made me laugh since it looks like the way they show people getting knocked out in cartoons with the birds flying around his head.

 Miss Emma-Lyn running with the seagulls.

 Levi and I splashing in the water.


Saturday, July 30, 2016

L.Y.S.C Day Five

 Marko and I not that long ago.  Me with more hair and Marko with less. :)

We had a really fun and relaxed day today.  We slept in and then Marko worked on his sermon while the kids and I went to the library.

This afternoon we went in town to celebrate our friend Elsa's birthday.  We were only planning to pop in and visit for a bit but ended up sticking around for four hours.  It was so nice to visit and eat cake.  Levi was good enough to dump his slice down my leg.  And later he decorated my leg with the drippings of his freezie.  Really, I should be packing an extra outfit for him and me!

 And tonight once we were home again Sean helped Marko mow the lawn.

He loved doing this big boy chore with the help of his dad.
 I think he's loving this!

And while big brother was dutifully cutting the grass, Nate was out riding his bike up and down the street.  A police officer noticed that he was wearing his helmet and gave him a coupon for a free ice cream at McDonalds.

 I had noticed the police officer drive up to our house and went running out when he got out of his car, thinking that something was wrong--I was so very happily surprised.  Then as the other children noticed him in our driveway he went back to his car to get coupons for all of them.
Nice to be rewarded for doing the right thing.

Friday, July 29, 2016

L.Y.S.C Day Four

This shot is from our trip to Louisbourg last year.  We had so much fun!  I am so very thankful for my wonderful mother in law who makes it possible for us to get away for few days. She takes care of the children while we take off on our little adventure.  I'm very much looking forward to this year's getaway!

Today we picked up Emma-Lyn from camp.  She LOVED her time there, she had lots of stories to share with us.  I'm sure she's already thinking about next year!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

L.Y.S.C Day Three

Here is a more recent shot of us by our very own campfire..taken last year by Sean:

Today we were in town for some appointments and went out for supper at the Swiss.  I enjoyed a lovely half rack of ribs!  We stopped at Glen Stewart Park to let the boys run off some steam and then headed home.  I also finished reading Kate Morton's The Forgotten Garden which was another great read.  So far my favourite book would have to be The Secret Keeper.  Now I'm taking a break before reading another of her books and instead reading a book by Anne DeVries called Journey Through the Night.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Love Your Spouse Challenge: Day Two

 Our wedding day!!  Exactly a year after we started dating!

 I love Marko's smile! 

It was such a lovely and unseasonably warm day that October 11th.  I wore my mother's wedding dress.  I LOVED it and knowing that this was her dress and something we got to share was very special to me.

I remember walking down the aisle and smiling and winking at my handsome hubby who was patiently waiting for me. 

I also remember that awkward moment when we both stood there in front of friends and family and waited for what was to come next...only we had no idea what that was...we stood and waited...smiled for a picture...waited some more...smiling and getting nervous...finally our minister stepped closer to us and showed us where we were in the program--it was supposed to be time for everyone to sing a hymn except I had forgot to tell our piano player. So we skipped that part and joyfully went headlong into the rest of the ceremony.

So excited to start out our new life together!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Love Your Spouse Challenge

I was nominated by my dear friend Emily to be a part of a fun little meme that celebrates love and marriage.  The idea is to post photos of me and my hubby for seven days and tag other people to take part as well.

Day One:
This is our engagement photo.  Looking so ridiculously young!  I can hardly believe that was over 13 years ago!

Today was a quiet day for the boys and I.  We read and then cleaned and folded laundry.  I was very impressed that the boys took it upon themselves to deep clean their bedroom as well.  They did manage to find some time between rain showers to go out to the pool and splash each other.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Lazy Days of Summer

The boys and I took it easy this morning and read books and they played with Lego.  They were super excited when Bonnie called to say that she and the girls were coming over for the afternoon.  Then it was time for the mamas to sit and chat on the deck while the kiddos went nuts in the pool.

 Sarah enjoying the cool water.

 I took this shot the other night at Georgetown while we waited for the fireworks.

 Such a gorgeous sunset.

Two of my monkeys relaxing the backyard.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Emma-Lyn is Off to Camp!

Emma-Lyn has excitedly been counting down the days until today--her turn to go to Emmanuel Bible Camp. She is very happy to have her best friend, Hannah in her cabin along with some other good friends.

I'm looking forward to hearing all her stories when she comes home on Friday.  This evening I took Sean and Nate to see the fireworks in Georgetown.  It was a fun way to finish off our weekend.

 She is looking mighty pleased and confident in her bunk at camp!

 Two very happy campers!!

Our favourite fireworks were the ones that exploded just above the water.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Just a Sketch

I didn't manage to snap any photos today but I was in a sketching kinda mood this evening.  So this is what you get:

This morning we all took part in the Georgetown parade.  It was a small but fun little parade.  There was lots of cheering for our Awana club and we handed out candy and flyers about our big Awana Fun Day in August.

Friday, July 22, 2016

I Love a Good Book

And I LOVED this one!  I could hardly keep my nose out of it!  It is very well written and I loved getting to know all the characters.  And I was so totally engrossed in how everything was falling into place that when the author pulled the rug out from under me I was left in a heap trying to figure out how she managed it!

If you haven't read it--go get it--read it and enjoy!

He Brought Me Roses...

Love my thoughtful hubby! 
Married for nearly 13 years and I still get flowers just 'cause.  Love that man!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summerside Lobster Festival

Today Emma-Lyn, Nate and I headed up to Summerside for the Lobster Festival --  Emma-Lyn was taking part in a step dance competition.  Levi stayed home with Grammie and Sean is still away at camp.

 Emma-Lyn was involved in a group jig and a reel.  She received second place in both competitions.  Aside from the dancing there were games and rides. Our friends,  Claire and Holly, were also there for the competition and we enjoyed wandering around the grounds together. We didn't end up going on any of the rides as the prices were ridiculous.

At the end of the day we decided to take the kids to the Dollarama  instead of spending too much money on a crazy fair toys.  Holly wanted to ride in our van and since we were all going to the same place that worked for everyone.

We hadn't gotten far when I got a phone call from Claire.  She couldn't find her car keys. I pulled over and sure enough there they were on the front passenger seat hiding under a container.  Back we went--always fun to have a bit of an adventure!

The kids picked out some fun toys at the store and we had a delightfully uneventful drive home.

Dancing up a storm!

 These two sweet girls holding up their silver medals.

 And then there's this shot:
Our illustrious dance teacher, Jordan taking a selfie with the kids--and me with the ever so well timed photo bomb! Boo-YAH!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Music Time Outside

Today Nate and Holly enjoyed their music lesson outside!  They spent some time in the pool before trying out all the neat games Claire made for them.

 Here they are tickling the "ivories" with their feet.  They were so funny, be-bopping their tunes as they went along.

 Then it was time to throw some water balloons at rhythm patterns.  This was a particular favourite!

 Then they had to figure out what rhythm they were by asking each other questions.  This was really cute to watch.

 The next activity was to find the notes on the staff and then place them on the correct note letter.

They had a BLAST!  There was a bit of time left over so it was back in the pool for a celebratory swim!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Fun!

 We totally enjoyed a spontaneous visit with the MacDonalds today!  The kids loved playing in the pool and Bonnie and I had a lovely time chatting and catching up.

And there was a LOT of fun had with dipping heads in the water and flipping the water back as you can see:

Gotta love the fun of summer time!  These photos make me smile!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Off to Camp!

 And Sean is off to Emmanuel Bible Camp again!  The boy was pumped.  He loves going to camp!
 Yep, the boy loves the sock and flip flop look!

And this evening we were treated to a fun firework display:

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Grampa Hope's Birthday!

Today we went to Nova Scotia to celebrate Grampa Hope's birthday.  It's really tomorrow but Sean goes to camp tomorrow afternoon.

We enjoyed a lovely visit.  The ferry was an hour late today so no sooner had we landed on my folks doorstep then we were eating lunch.  And once we had that down we were out the door again to visit the Museum of Industry.  The kids LOVE that place! They have favourite exhibits that they just don't seem to tire of and Levi is just now getting in on the action.  I was also happy to find some nice pioneer books on clearance in the gift shop!

We ate a quick supper of hamburgers and salad before rushing out the door in a downpour.  It wasn't much when we first got in the car but as we drove along it got progressively worse!  And when we got to the terminal they said the ferry was still running an hour late.  The kids got a little antsy but thankfully the boat was only 45 minutes late and we were soon on our way.

We had a bit of an incident on our way out of the boat.  We were parked in the hold--which is basically the "basement" of the boat.  It's cramped and narrow and they parked us in the far lane and we were the first car in that lane.  I knew this was not going to be an easy exit and didn't quite get the van angled properly and managed to clip the passenger side view mirror.  I was so not impressed!! Thankfully the only damage is some yellow paint on the side of the mirror.

After a full visit it was nice to get home and everyone to bed.  Then I headed out to Panmure Provincial Park to drop off a couple cozy blankets to Jennie and Troy.  I enjoyed some campfire time with them before finally heading home and just missing another downpour.

 Yummy birthday cake.

 The kids love playing in the chocolate factory and were ever so pleased to have Gramma and Grampa play along!
 Raggedy Anne awaiting her tea.

 Just noticing the clouds accumulating.

 I went for a wee stroll through the Sutherland garden.

 Just noticed a bit of a rainbow.

Such a lovely sunset over the Northumberland Strait