Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Funny Date Night

Tonight my wonderful friend Michelle and I enjoyed our own little date night together.  I was meeting her in town to pick up some cat carriers for another friend of mine and we decided to go out to eat as well.

This is Michelle.

Michelle had a lovely little book of coupons that we perused before setting off in search of some yummy food.  We picked the Persian Cafe since neither of us had been there and they were serving curry.  It was a bit of walk from where we started but we didn't mind.  We chatted along the way and watched as some poor soul attempted to parallel park but ended up with the rear passenger tire on the curb.

Sadly as we approached the restaurant we noticed that it was closed.  We searched the coupon book again and came up with John Brown Grille on Victoria Row.  And off we went again.

Our coupon was a buy one app and get the second one free.  We ordered brushetta and nachos.  But before our apps arrived they came to our table with a tiny plate of what appeared to be the crumbs from a bag of healthy party mix. It was just such a tiny little pile of chip crumbs that we couldn't help but laugh and I took a photo.

 Isn't that just the saddest little pile of crumbs you ever did see?

 The brushetta, it was tasty.

And the nachos were delicious as well.

As we finished up our apps our bill came and I flipped it over and Michelle said that she would take care of it.  And I objected mentioning that I had cash and could get it.  At this point Michelle was riffling through her purse.  She had forgotten her wallet. HA!  We laughed quite a bit about that!

It was a really fun night!


Melinda Johnson said...

Hahahahaha! Typical Michelle and Laura! LOVE and MISS it!

Brianswife said...

I am blaming my terrible hair on the humidity and an afternoon spent at the beach!

It was a lovely evening. I was so content and thankful when I got home last night, despite all the stresses and troubles in life I live in a beautiful place and have friends who are beautiful inside and out.