Saturday, July 16, 2016

Grampa Hope's Birthday!

Today we went to Nova Scotia to celebrate Grampa Hope's birthday.  It's really tomorrow but Sean goes to camp tomorrow afternoon.

We enjoyed a lovely visit.  The ferry was an hour late today so no sooner had we landed on my folks doorstep then we were eating lunch.  And once we had that down we were out the door again to visit the Museum of Industry.  The kids LOVE that place! They have favourite exhibits that they just don't seem to tire of and Levi is just now getting in on the action.  I was also happy to find some nice pioneer books on clearance in the gift shop!

We ate a quick supper of hamburgers and salad before rushing out the door in a downpour.  It wasn't much when we first got in the car but as we drove along it got progressively worse!  And when we got to the terminal they said the ferry was still running an hour late.  The kids got a little antsy but thankfully the boat was only 45 minutes late and we were soon on our way.

We had a bit of an incident on our way out of the boat.  We were parked in the hold--which is basically the "basement" of the boat.  It's cramped and narrow and they parked us in the far lane and we were the first car in that lane.  I knew this was not going to be an easy exit and didn't quite get the van angled properly and managed to clip the passenger side view mirror.  I was so not impressed!! Thankfully the only damage is some yellow paint on the side of the mirror.

After a full visit it was nice to get home and everyone to bed.  Then I headed out to Panmure Provincial Park to drop off a couple cozy blankets to Jennie and Troy.  I enjoyed some campfire time with them before finally heading home and just missing another downpour.

 Yummy birthday cake.

 The kids love playing in the chocolate factory and were ever so pleased to have Gramma and Grampa play along!
 Raggedy Anne awaiting her tea.

 Just noticing the clouds accumulating.

 I went for a wee stroll through the Sutherland garden.

 Just noticed a bit of a rainbow.

Such a lovely sunset over the Northumberland Strait

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