Sunday, July 31, 2016

L.Y.S.C Day 6

 A picture from today:

Today was another gorgeous summer day!  Marko preached in the morning and then took his mom out for lunch.

In the evening we were off to Tea Hill for a family picnic.  The weather was perfect and the sandbars were calling our names.  The kids enjoyed splashing through the tidal pools and finding hermit crabs.  

I went a little crazy with taking pictures...but it's such a beautiful spot!


 Little man enjoying the warm water.

 Time to splash his way back to Mommy.

 So relaxing.

 Time to play in the sand.

 This one made me laugh since it looks like the way they show people getting knocked out in cartoons with the birds flying around his head.

 Miss Emma-Lyn running with the seagulls.

 Levi and I splashing in the water.


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