Saturday, July 30, 2016

L.Y.S.C Day Five

 Marko and I not that long ago.  Me with more hair and Marko with less. :)

We had a really fun and relaxed day today.  We slept in and then Marko worked on his sermon while the kids and I went to the library.

This afternoon we went in town to celebrate our friend Elsa's birthday.  We were only planning to pop in and visit for a bit but ended up sticking around for four hours.  It was so nice to visit and eat cake.  Levi was good enough to dump his slice down my leg.  And later he decorated my leg with the drippings of his freezie.  Really, I should be packing an extra outfit for him and me!

 And tonight once we were home again Sean helped Marko mow the lawn.

He loved doing this big boy chore with the help of his dad.
 I think he's loving this!

And while big brother was dutifully cutting the grass, Nate was out riding his bike up and down the street.  A police officer noticed that he was wearing his helmet and gave him a coupon for a free ice cream at McDonalds.

 I had noticed the police officer drive up to our house and went running out when he got out of his car, thinking that something was wrong--I was so very happily surprised.  Then as the other children noticed him in our driveway he went back to his car to get coupons for all of them.
Nice to be rewarded for doing the right thing.

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