Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summerside Lobster Festival

Today Emma-Lyn, Nate and I headed up to Summerside for the Lobster Festival --  Emma-Lyn was taking part in a step dance competition.  Levi stayed home with Grammie and Sean is still away at camp.

 Emma-Lyn was involved in a group jig and a reel.  She received second place in both competitions.  Aside from the dancing there were games and rides. Our friends,  Claire and Holly, were also there for the competition and we enjoyed wandering around the grounds together. We didn't end up going on any of the rides as the prices were ridiculous.

At the end of the day we decided to take the kids to the Dollarama  instead of spending too much money on a crazy fair toys.  Holly wanted to ride in our van and since we were all going to the same place that worked for everyone.

We hadn't gotten far when I got a phone call from Claire.  She couldn't find her car keys. I pulled over and sure enough there they were on the front passenger seat hiding under a container.  Back we went--always fun to have a bit of an adventure!

The kids picked out some fun toys at the store and we had a delightfully uneventful drive home.

Dancing up a storm!

 These two sweet girls holding up their silver medals.

 And then there's this shot:
Our illustrious dance teacher, Jordan taking a selfie with the kids--and me with the ever so well timed photo bomb! Boo-YAH!

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