Sunday, August 28, 2016

40 is Just Around the Corner!

I turn 40 on Wednesday but I started celebrating this weekend!!  I enjoyed a wonderful weekend away with my amazing group of friends at the Linkletter Campground in Summerside.

Claire was ready to PAR-TAY!!  Such a super fun filled weekend!

Some highlights:

- The campground itself was just stunning!  Beautiful sunsets and we were right by the water and my campsite was HUGE--also the staff there are the BEST!
- My friends are AWESOME!!!
-The campfire and S'MORES--Yum
- Singing the songs from the Sound of Music together
- Being able to set up the tent in the wild and wacky wind!
- Dancing around the campfire to 80s music!
 - Belly Button Man....that was interesting..
- Watching the sheet lightning pass by us.
- Waving sparklers around in the dark!
- Tims coffee in the morning--while still wearing my pjs

- thrift shopping--soooo many lovely books!
- The many to gaze at--also got to see a shooting star
-Coming home to my wonderful family

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