Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Full of Fun Day

We enjoyed a much anticipated playdate with the Mooney's today.  We all had such a great time.  The kids played and played while Maria and I talked and talked. 

Afterwards the kids and I had some errands to run and we stopped into McDonald's for supper.  I thought they might like to play in the Playplace but they were much more interested in hitting Teahill before we went home. 

It was a gorgeous evening for a bit of beach fun.  The water was warm and inviting and the sunset was enchanting.  The kids splashed  and ran and then we all snuggled up on the blanket with a quick snack to enjoy. The perfect ending to such a lovely day.

 Walking in big brother's footsteps!

 Watching the others play...

 They seem so far away...


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