Monday, August 15, 2016

Back to the Routine

It is nice to be home but you do come to realize just why the break was so needed and enjoyed. I love my kids and today they were a little more crazy and full of life than usual!

Everyone needed to talk at once and at least once or twice people needed to be playing with the exact same toy at the exact same moment.  Good times! 

Also on my list of fun things today was going in to get Levi up from his nap and discovering that he had freed himself from his pants AND his diaper!  Thankfully, he and his bed sheets were dry.

We did enjoy some poetry and tea time this morning and the kids loved using their new New Brunswick mugs.

And this afternoon we read these two books.  They are the last in a series called Sarah, Plain and Tall.  We've enjoyed each book and these were no exception.  I read these aloud and had a hard time reading through tears through the sad parts.

 Afterwards we watched the video of Sarah, Plain and Tall starring Christopher Walken and Glenn Close.  I cried through the sad parts and I think the kids may have as well.  Can't wait to watch Skylark and Winter's End.

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Melinda Johnson said...

oh yes! back to the routine! I'd suggest putting Levi's diaper on backwards...I heard it works. I never had to try it on the older 3. We'll see about #4. And I'm glad you loved Sarah Plain and Tall! I don't remember it, but I've heard it's good, and it's popular in the States. Yeah for new mugs, too!