Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Breezy Day

Today we were in town to get the van serviced.  We walked up to Grace Christian School to play on their playground as we waited for the van to be ready for us to pick up.

We played with our friends the Mooneys while we were there. We were all a bit famished and all played out once the call came that the van was ready.  So thankful that Maria shared her rice cakes with us...the kids loved them.

As soon as we pulled in our own driveway the kids were making tracks to get into the pool.  They enjoyed cooling off after a full day.

 My girly loves to climb!

 Mr. Smiley Pants.

Grammie helping Emma-Lyn get Levi on for a piggy-back.

Levi isn't much for the pool so he came to snuggle with mommy.

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