Friday, August 12, 2016

Day Two of Vacation

 This morning we headed off to explore the Irving Nature Park.  I was a little bummed once we got there when I realized I forgot my memory card back in our hotel room.  But I will admit it was kinda freeing not to have it weighing me down as we hiked.  And not only did we hike, we biked as well.  It was spectacular.  We loved the gorgeous vistas!

We decided to check out Rockwood Park next and have our picnic lunch. We enjoyed a very peaceful time by a lake and then took off on our bikes once again. We had a lot of fun but definitely were feeling it was time for a rest period.  We came back to the hotel and crashed, watched some Olympics and snacked.

In the evening we  headed back out for supper and a movie.  We love to go to Subway and grab a foot long each so that we'll have lunch for the next day. We had a little time before the movie so we popped into Mark's and I found a really sweet skirt!

Now we're just chilling and catching up on the Olympics.  Looking forward to another fun day tomorrow.

Oh, and I feel I should confess that even with a GPS and map in hand we have managed to lose our way several times which has helped us get to know Saint John quite well! Life is an adventure!

 The Irving Nature Park--a definite must see in Saint John!

 The clouds were pretty amazing too!  We managed to miss getting caught in the rain today!

 Love this guy soooo much!

 And here I felt like we would be meeting hobbits at any moment.

 So great to get the bikes out!

Our lunch picnic spot at Rockwood Park.

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