Sunday, August 14, 2016

Home Again

It was WONDERFUL to get away with my just my handsome hubby it was also WONDERFUL to come home again!

This morning after breakfast we decided to pull out a board game to play before heading out the door.  We had brought quite a few with us and felt we should at least play one before heading home in the rain.  We played Pandemic and won just in time!

 So hard to get this man to smile for the camera!

Once we had everything packed and our game finished we headed out the door in search of souvenirs for the children and Grammie Peric. On our way we noticed the signs for the Carleton Martello Tower and decided to go there first.  It had been on my list of things to see but we had gotten busy with our other activities.  I am so glad we managed to head out there. The view was amazing even in the misty rain! And the interpretive centre was fantastic.  And you can't go wrong with an admission price of $3.90!  Sadly, we couldn't go in the tower as it's currently getting renovated.

A cut-away model of what it would look like inside.  

 Explanation of the tower:

Another cut away diagram of the inside of the tower.

Such a great view--my picture doesn't do it justice:

It was so wonderful to come back home.  I was giddy just thinking about coming home to my babies once again. And hoping that they were excited to have mommy and daddy home again.  I honked the horn as we pulled in and the kids came tumbling out of the house with arms stretched wide and voices excited talking about everything. I.Loved.It! 

Levi was so precious...just kept saying momma--momma and then I scooped him up and he plunked his little head on my shoulder and wrapped his little arms around me--I couldn't stop laughing--I was soooo happy!

Some treats we brought home for the kiddos:

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Isabel Quinn said...

Kerry grew up just down the street from Martello Tower.. We have toured through it.