Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Whoop, Whoop!!  I have enjoyed my birthday day!!

It began with the breakfast of champions: Belgian chocolate coffee with chocolate hagelslag on whole wheat bread and I washed all that down with a handful of Skittles! YUM!

I had hoped to watch The Sound of Music but our copy was ruined and I couldn't find anything online--so we watched Mary Poppins instead.  Lots of good songs in that movie too.

In the afternoon the kids and I piled on my bed and read a book.  Just as we were midway through, Janet and her girls arrived with cake.  We enjoyed a quick playdate with cake!  One of the best kinds of playdates!

We had Uncle Henk and Auntie Linda and Grammie Peric join us for supper.  We had pizzas from Famous Peppers and a yummy ice cream cake from What's the Scoop.

 My cake! YUM!

For my birthday present Sean set up a treasure hunt for me using the clues from our Ukloo game.  The kids and I had a riot running up and down the stairs following each clue's instructions.

And yes, the final clue was check on the toilet!  Sean found that quite humorous.

We finished the evening by playing a few rounds of my new game called Things.  It was a fun little game.

In the midst of this fun day I did manage to smash my left knee quite soundly into the screen door.  I have an ice pack on it now. So if you see me hobbling about tomorrow--it isn't my old age getting to me--it's just my clumsiness coming back for me. 

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