Thursday, August 18, 2016

Parade Day!

Nate is feeling kinda stiff and sore but is doing much better today.  We all enjoyed going to the Gold Cup and Saucer Parade this morning.

Grampa Hope was in the parade and the kids were excited to look for him.  We spotted him right away and I called out, "GRAMPA!!" Nothing, no recognition whatsoever..So again a little louder, "GRAMPA HOPE!" Still he waves politely to other parade goers but is still completely oblivious to us.  By now he's pretty near on top of us--last chance. " GARRY HOPE!!!" Voila!  He sees everyone and then pretty near attempts to crawl through the crowd to say hello!!  That's my dad for ya!

We enjoyed a lovely visit with my folks in the afternoon and then I took the kids into town for VBS which they enjoyed immensely!

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