Saturday, August 06, 2016

Sunday School Picnic

 This morning we enjoyed our Sunday School Picnic at Kings Castle.  It was a gorgeous day for a picnic.  The kids enjoyed playing with their friends and munching our pot luck lunch.

 Me and two of my boys cuddling on the swing.

After lunch and a quick trip home to repack, we ended back up at the KOA in Cornwall visiting the MacDonalds.  The kids were super pumped to go back.  And this time they got to try out the pool.  Sean managed to experience the pool a little too well and did this:

 I'm still not entirely sure how this happened but his tooth went through his bottom lip.  We quickly mopped up the blood and put ice on it.  Late we had two paramedics and a nurse (all friends of ours) have a look at it and  share whether they thought a stitch was in order. The general consensus was to leave it be.  There will be a little scar but not much else so that's good.

 We also got to go on a wagon ride.  Levi LOVED it!  Such a fun place to visit!

 And on our way home we took some time to admire the amazing sunset!  I couldn't get over the golds and pinks!  The kids loved it too!

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