Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!

Turning the BIG 4-0 tomorrow!!  Woo Hoo!  The kids are pretty excited and have been asking what will I be doing for my birthday... And so far it looks like I'll be blanching and freezing zucchini and making new chore charts! Do I know how to celebrate or what?!!

I kinda feel like I've done all the celebrating over the weekend and now I just get to eat more cake!!  I have put up some decorations and I'm looking forward to the day--I do have family coming for supper so that will be special.

And now a few more shots from the weekend.

 Our breezy campsite and tent up and ready for the weekend fun!

 The campsite was huge! 

We may have had more than our fair share of vehicles on one site...you're usually only allowed two vehicles per site.

 The views from our site were amazing!

Oh, yeah baby--I be rocking this 40 thing!!

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