Thursday, August 11, 2016


Marko and I got away this morning at a little after nine.  We were feeling a little crazy as we left what with getting last minute things packed and the kids ready for a weekend with Grammie but by the time we hit Charlottetown the nerves had settled and we were ready to enjoy the ride.

We stopped in Cap Pele and I am ever so glad we did.  We picked up a New Brunswick tour guide and avoided a bad accident on the highway we were going to take.  Very thankful for the helpful tourism guide!

When we reached Hopewell Rocks dark clouds were looming but we were pretty pumped to be there as well as what seemed like hundreds of other tourists.  Hopewell Rocks is a big deal!  What an amazing place!  It did begin to thunder while we were out there so we headed back but not before we got drenched with rain.  It was fun!  We laughed, ran and ducked under trees for a bit of shelter while we caught our breath and then off we went again.

 Handsome hubby of Hopewell Rocks.

Such a magnificent place. 

 We tried to get a shot of us together at the Rocks but it didn't turn out...this is after we dashed through the rain to the van.

After supper we visited the reversing falls in Saint John.  The weather improved as the day went on.

We walked and ran and explored a lot today.  Can't wait to go exploring tomorrow!

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Alexandra Dekerf said...

My husband and I loved Hopewell Rocks too! What an amazing spot. Enjoy your vacation :)