Saturday, September 17, 2016

70 Mile Yard Sale

 What a gorgeous day!  I arrived at our site at seven this morning and got to work setting up.  People started showing up at seven thirty even though we weren't officially open until nine.  The morning was a bit cool and windy but the sun came out and warmed things up.  Lots of people popped in and it was great to visit with friends as well!

I packed my things up at four and my friends are graciously helping me out by holding onto some of my left over stuff to see if it will sell tomorrow.

After the yard sale I picked up Marko and the boys and we headed over to the MacDonald's house for supper and some fun. We had nachos and while the kids played and watched a movie, the adults played a round of Settlers and I won!

Such a great day!
 My books and odds and ends.

My clothing area.

And I forgot to put on sunscreen and my face is ever so red!

I am so tired.

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