Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Day Well Spent

I enjoyed a wonderful day with an amazing group of ladies!  The Charlottetown Bible Chapel was hosting the Ladies Missionary Conference and they did an outstanding job! We learned quite a bit about a missions effort in Zambia as well as updates in Peru and Papua New Guinea.  We made bracelets for persecuted Christian women in Sri Lanka and there was a delightful book table to peruse.  And the meals were delicious! I did so enjoy launching the ladies into a rousing rendition of Thanks for the Food!  Good times!

 Such a yummy cake!
 Two very lovely ladies working diligently on their bracelets...Alyson and I may have been having a race to see who could finish the fastest..ahem..we are so mature!

 And this lovely lady lead us in our bracelet making and did such a magnificent job!

 A room full of dedicated ladies.

My little table of friends--except one of them is a wee bit sneaky and hid my bracelet on me...I'll let you guess who that might have been!

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