Thursday, September 08, 2016

Date Night!

Tonight Marko and I went on a lovely little date night.  We met friends at The Himalayan and enjoyed a wonderful dinner!  I had the butter chicken and Marko had the tikka masala. YUM!

We had to hustle out the door to make it to our  movie on time.  We went to see Sully.  I really enjoyed it!  We made a quick stop into the Superstore after that. We picked up some fruit and coffee and I found a cute tube of lip gloss on half price.  When we were at the check out the cashier was having a hard time trying to find the bar code which gave Marko the leeway to crack a joke about it not being his colour..the cashier doubled over...

And in case you were wondering, the children have not picked up their school books again and I'm okay with that.  Tuesday will be our fresh full start and we'll go from there.

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