Tuesday, September 06, 2016

First Day of School?

I had not planned on getting book work started with the kids but Emma-Lyn finished her breakfast and then brought out her books and got to work!  I was conflicted, on the one hand I was impressed but on the other hand I had visions of getting everything in order and starting off with much fanfare.

This was much more subdued than my imaginings.  Sean quickly pulled out his books as well while Nate did his own little art project.  What blows me away even more is that Emma-Lyn had a chat with Marko before breakfast about school and not wanting to do homeschool or public school--what else could she possibly need to learn?! And yet there she was, the first one to the post and seeming to be enjoying herself!

She continued her journey of learning by earnestly plunking herself down to work on her piano playing.  She did a really great job too!

I had set Sean to work on organizing his dresser as it was somewhat of a disaster and this brought him downstairs with dress shirts in hand asking if he could iron them.

Who am I to stand in the way of a wonderful Home Ec. lesson?!

Another step in becoming a well rounded young man.

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