Tuesday, September 13, 2016

First Day!?!

Oh.my.dear...that was one wild ride of a first day of homeschool.  In fact, I can't really call it our official start since we didn't really accomplish much.  I don't know if we all got up on the wrong side of the bed, or we're suffering from summer withdrawal or what...But wow, talk about your grumpy, crabby beginnings.  And it all started at breakfast--there was some complaining and whining and gnashing of teeth.  Not a pretty sight. 

I decided to let go of my plans and tackle Mt. Laundry instead.  I got things sorted and asked the kids in to help fold which they did. Next I went upstairs and began the task of straightening the boys' room with their help and in the midst of that I got a call to set up appointments for the children with the eye doctor.  When I came downstairs the children had decorated the kitchen with balloons and signs that read, "Happy Back to Sckool!" I was impressed!

We had our snack and instead of jumping into our books, I outlined what our homeschool days will look like.  This really seemed to impress the kids.  We did do our basket time so I guess that is something. After that we went for a walk down to the waterfront and the kids picked and gobbled up as many blackberries as they could find. 

While I fixed lunch and the kids played, we listened to quiet classical music which seemed to calm us all.  Levi had his nap while the rest of us finally got to watch The Sound of Music.

This evening we had stepdance lessons.  Sean and Nate are also giving it a whirl this year and enjoyed their first lesson.

Just watching the waves and munching on blackberries.

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