Sunday, September 04, 2016

It Was a Trail Blazing Kinda Labour Day!

We filled our day with lots of family fun on four different trails!

The morning was gorgeous and we headed out to Panmure Island and walked the trails near Marko's office. It was a bit buggy but the views were lovely.  We thought we'd head down to the Cambridge trails after that but they seemed to be making some extensive changes so we opted for the Harvey Moore Bird Sanctuary. We love that place.  It was so peaceful and invigorating.  We played a couple of games of Pooh Sticks before carrying on through the trail.

We came home for lunch and some quiet time before starting out on our adventure of geocaching.  We found the first one easy enough  along the trail and we found some other treasures.  I found a belt buckle a little glass bottle and Levi even found me a treasure.  He came up behind me calling, "Mommy, I found this for you!!" I quickly turned around to see that my sweet boy had found a delightful piece of poo...Loooovely!! Thankful to have some hand sanitizer to get the cleaned up!!

We also found an old tanker car in the woods.  The kids were quite delighted with that find.  We didn't have much luck with our other geocaches but the kids and I are hoping to spend part of tomorrow looking around Montague. 

We came home for supper and then headed out once again for more trail adventures. We were so thankful for the warm day we enjoyed and topped off our evening with some ice cream at What's the Scoop and a bonfire at home. 

We're not starting school this week.  I have a few more things to plan and have in place before we begin and the Not Back To School Picnic is next Monday so I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things next Tuesday!

 The trails near Marko's work.

The Harvey Moore Sanctuary is a favourite spot!

 Playing with reflections and Pooh Sticks.

 The oil tanker.
The bonfire and we roasted marshmallows and enjoyed a S'more or two.

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