Sunday, September 25, 2016

MacPhee's Orchard!

There is nothing better in the world than walking in a beautiful orchard and picking delicious apples!

I love visiting MacPhee's apple orchard.  It is such a lovely place to walk and just enjoy one of my favourite aspects of autumn.  It was a bit of a grab and dash as the weather could not seem to make up it's mind today.  One moment it would be pouring rain and the next the sun was shining brightly.  We picked two bags full before the skies opened up once again.  It worked out to be 41 pounds worth of delicious Gingergold apples.

 Miss Emma-Lyn enjoying a tasty apple!

 I love apples!

 Row upon row of gorgeous apple trees.

 Our haul.

On our way out of Cardigan we made a stop and while I waited in the van I snapped a few photos of what seemed to be abstract art due to the rain cascading down our windshield.


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Melinda Johnson said...

awww, we'll miss MacPhee's! but I love the abstract art! And apples are apples, here as in there, right? We even have an apple tree in our "square!" we can pick as many as we want from for free! I'm going to have Justin climb up and get some for us. Glad you got some today!