Monday, September 12, 2016

Not Back To School Picnic

We had an awesome day at the picnic!  We picked up the MacGregor kids before heading out to Canoe Cove for an afternoon of fun.  As soon as I pulled into the parking lot the kids barrelled out of the van and that was all I saw of them until they came around for food and then off they went again. I kept an eye out for them and would do the head count to make sure everyone was okay.  Levi stuck close to me for the first little bit but once he was feeling comfortable off he went to find friends and play.

It was ever so windy though!  The kids didn't mind at all but some of us adults were very happy to have hoodies and scarves on!

When Denise and I went for a walk down on the beach with Ben and Levi, I took off my scarf and let it blow in the wind.  The boys thought this was fun and wanted to give it a try as well:

 Ben letting the scarf wave in the wind...

 And then pulling the scarf over his head for a bit of fun!

 Such a gorgeous spot!

Mr.Levi found a book about cars.  He was pleased!

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