Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Official First Day!

We had a great day!! The kids really seemed to enjoy the new tweaks to their day and got on quite well with their studies.  We began a little after nine and we were finishing up a little after twelve.

In the afternoon the children practiced stepdance and piano before heading outside to ride their bikes for a bit.

Sean's chore in the afternoon is to help prepare supper.  Tonight we were having a chicken dinner so he helped cut and peel carrots and potatoes and he decided we should make things fancy.  Emma-Lyn was delighted with idea and immediately got a nice dress and hat on for the occasion.  Nate on the other hand was not interested at all in dressing up.  That said, he did manage to put on a nice shirt and tie with his black gym pants.  We put on a table cloth, flowers for a centrepiece, wine glasses and candles. Sean got the classical music playing as Marko walked in the door.  It was a lovely meal.

After supper and evening chores Sean desperately wanted us all to waltz in the living room.  So we played some Strauss and waltzed around the living room. The kids took turns dancing with each other as well as Marko and I. It was pretty funny and a lot of fun!

 Nate working on his Lego challenge.

After supper and before the waltzing began, Levi thought he would crawl in behind daddy and see if he could steer him with his ears. Marko was thrilled!

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