Friday, September 02, 2016

Super Summer Day

The weather was all sorts of weird today. It was cool, it was warm, it was wet, it was dry, it rained, the sun shined--I'm just glad it didn't decide to snow.

In the midst of all that weather fun I was able to set up the kids' new chore charts even Levi has a chart now and we had a quick driveway visit with the Machons which was fun.  Emma-Lyn had come running into the kitchen to tell me that Elsa was here and all I could think was, "What would the princess from Frozen be doing here?!"  Turns out I am not the sharpest tack in the box.

 Elsa and Norman and family were camping nearby and decided to tour Montague as they waited for their campsite to dry up and just happened to find our place! Had a lovely chat and then we were on our way to help clean the chapel.

We got home just in time to throw some food in our faces before running out the door to pick up Sean's friend Austin and our friend Holly.  All the children had a grand time playing and I got more stuff done!  I cleaned out my recipe book and set up my new monthly menu planning.  It feels good to have a few more organizational things done before heading into our school year.  I still have some other homeschool projects to do but I'll tackle those after this weekend.

This evening after supper we went to Gillis' for some onion rings and milkshakes--they're closing on Sunday for the season so we wanted to get in there at least once before summer is over.

And now some shots of my cuties:

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