Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Cold Cycle

We, here in the Peric household are entrenched in the battle of the cold. Once one fella seems to be out of a phase the next fella picks it up.  Never before have the children ever had an earache but this particular brand of cold has them all curled up in balls, howling in pain.  It began with Emma-Lyn, went to Sean and last night it grasped Levi in it's evil clutches.  This meant that I spent most of the night getting up and consoling him and attempting to go back to bed but only for a time as Levi would start up again. I gave up come morning and crashed in his toddler bed with him just to catch some sleep in a solid stretch. By the time I finally crawled out of there I had lost the feeling in my left arm.

Levi was much better through the day. Then it was poor Nate's turn in earache arena of pain.  He and I crashed on my bed for cuddles to help him calm down and he drifted off to sleep for awhile which appeared to do him some good.

In the afternoon it was decided that some fresh air and a leisurely walk might brighten some spirits.  Off we went to Roma and it was a delightful respite indeed.  The kids skipped rocks and enjoyed being by the water and I loved breathing in the salty sea air!

After supper we piled on the couch and ate popcorn and watched a Planet Earth video.  I was impressed with what the kids already knew and shared as we watched the video about shallow waters.
Now, all is quiet. No howls, nor sniffles, nor coughs in the night.  All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

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