Sunday, September 04, 2016

The Family Finale of my Fourtieth!

 We have enjoyed a lovely visit with my folks this weekend!

We arrived yesterday just in time for lunch.  Mom made some of her delicious seafood chowder which I devoured in great delight.  Marko and the kids enjoyed sandwiches.  Afterwards Nate invited us to play a rousing game of Jenga as seen here:

 Nervous Grampa.  This was a lot of fun! Everyone had a blast cheering each other on and gasping as the tower teetered this way and that.  Marko ended up sending the tower crashing to it's demise.  Afterwards the kids had some t.v. time while Auntie Karina, Marko and I did a little shopping in New Glasgow.

Before supper Auntie Karina took us on a hike in what used to be the orchard.  We all love a good hike and enjoy observing the nature around us.

 As we wandered I mentioned to Marko how I would love to one day have a home similar to this.  A spot in the country where the kids have plenty of space to explore.

 Still an apple tree or two left in the orchard.

 Marching through the field.

The next morning I enjoyed some quiet time just snapping pictures in my mother's garden.  I loved the golden sunlight and the dainty dew on the plants.

After breakfast and getting things organized we headed out to the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum.  What a great little spot!! There were fantastic displays and plane simulators to play in as well as quite a few airplanes to look at.

This is a replica of the Silver Dart that was flown in Baddeck Bay in 1909:
We did a bit more shopping before heading back to my folks place to take down the tent and pack the van for the trip back this evening.  Couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable weekend!

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