Thursday, September 22, 2016

We Got Off to a Good Start...

We began with checking out our science experiment.  We had eight slices of apple in different mixtures to see which mixture would best preserve the slice of apple.  It looks like to us that Cup 3 is the winner and this was just table salt.  The others were mixtures of table salt/Epsom salt/ baking soda.

After our experiment we had our basket time which went quite well.  Then I tried out a new and what I thought would be a fun math challenge...I was wrong and it all pretty much went downhill after that.  People dug in their heels and just would not participate which was frustrating. We got through it though and managed to enjoy our afternoon for the most part.  The kids were excited to go to Awana tonight and they had a good time.  They're all fighting the cold and I feel like I'm coming down with it now too.  I'm just going to finish up this post and my hot lemon drink and then I'm off to bed!

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