Monday, October 10, 2016

A Wild Windy Night

It's been a crazy weather kind of day today.  Lots of rain and plenty of wind!  The rain has mostly stopped but the wind is still blustering around.

Today we ventured into town to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary.  The official day is tomorrow but we are super busy and can't possibly squeeze in a celebratory dinner.  We drove to Swiss Chalet and enjoyed a lovely meal together as a family. It was a surprise for the kids so they were thrilled.  Afterwards we stopped in at the Dairy Queen next door.  We were going to have some blizzards there but the power started to flicker and we were all full up from our dinner so we took them home.

This evening we watched The Incredibles and we have a friend sleeping over for the night so that she can join us for our homeschool event in the afternoon.  The power was out for about 45 minutes this evening.  Hence this picture:

The power keeps flickering so we'll keep everything out just in case. :)

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