Friday, October 07, 2016

Another Warm Day!

It's been so nice to have the warm weather stay with us this far into October.  I'm hoping we can hold out on turning on the heat a while longer!

Today the kids and I tackled our cleaning chores and then I worked on putting together some molecule kits for our homeschool group meeting on Tuesday. 

Levi's hair was looking pretty shaggy so I took him out on the deck with a bowl of chocolate chips and I cut his hair.  It's not the best cut but he looking pretty cute!

In the afternoon the kids had their piano lessons which got cut short for Nate.  The poor guy was outside playing before his turn and happened to get stung by a wasp on his bottom lip.  And wow, did it ever swell up!  He looked like he had a permanent pout on.  I got some ice on it and now it's much better. He wouldn't let me take a picture of it though.

The kids enjoyed watching Robin Hood before bed and now they're all tucked in for the night.  Looking forward to spending some of the Thanksgiving weekend with the Bartons tomorrow.

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