Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall Colour

 My folks had to leave early today so it was a bit of a quick goodbye whirlwind when they left.  Then we were off to church where Marko preached and I taught Sunday school.  Then it was home for lunch and then out again for me and the kids to a birthday party. 

When we got home Marko suggested a trail walk down at Mooney's Pond.  What a perfect way to end a kind of crazy chaotic weekend.  I love nature and this was a great way to unwind and let all the earlier stresses just slip away.  I think we all left feeling rejuvenated!

We came home and had a whatever dinner.  I put together some leftover turkey dinner for myself, the kids grabbed cereal and Marko made himself a turkey wrap.  And all were satisfied.

And now, prepare to be overloaded with fall colour shots!

 So peaceful!
 Little man in the big woods.

 Well, there's your problem!

 Love reflections!

 So many leaves!
My beautiful little fam jam.

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