Sunday, October 09, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have enjoyed a lovely day today.  It was church and Sunday school in the morning and we invited the MacGregors over to our place for lunch such as it was.  We didn't have anything fancy done up so it was a mish mash of leftovers for all.  They brought some chips, salsa and other odds and ends to add to what we had.  It was perfect.  We piled the table up and dug in.  The adults got some good talking in and even a game of Tsuro while the kids played and watched Bolt.

We made a run to the Superstore for some groceries and managed to score some half price chicken tenders and wings for supper.  After supper I took Nate for his date to Tim Horton's.  When we got back I took Levi up to bed.  The little lad hadn't had a nap all day so I scooped him up in my arms and sat down in our rocking chair. I rocked and sang to him and my sweet big boy fell asleep in my arms.  He barely budged when I gently placed him in his bed.

Once our little guy was in bed, it was time to play some Ticket to Ride North America.  The kids enjoyed it and we introduced a new element--trading. Instead of just taking cards or building on your turn you could also trade with others.  This was Sean's idea and it turned out to be a pretty fun one. Marko won the game.

Now our kiddos are all in bed and it's time for some Mythbusters for us!

So thankful for these cuties!

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