Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Trails...

Last Friday as I sat at the breakfast table and lazily watched the leaves falling from the trees, I thought how nice it would be to walk among the leaves and fresh fall air.  It didn't take me long to wrangle up the kids and head to the van for a good trail walk.

We headed out to the Boughton River Trail.  The kids were super excited!  This trail has hills and valleys, rivers and bridges and all sorts of fun things to climb over. We were heady with excitement and the golden fall leaves rushed from their branches to welcome us!  We were laughing and singing, hooting and hollering, wandering and climbing and exploring to our heart's content.  That is until we got weary and hungry, tired and sleepy and plain old pooped.

We walked and walked and walked some more. I am so proud of Levi he was quite the trooper but coming on the end of it his little legs had had enough and he was just so sad and he so desperately wanted me to carry him.  The lad is coming on 40 pounds now so I wasn't eager to hoist the boy up and he isn't a big fan of piggy backs. In the end I relented and picked him and walked as quick as I dared hoping that we were heading back to the trailhead and everything would look familiar again.

Thankfully, we weren't far off from the trailhead and we took a little break at our favourite little stream.  The kids dangled their fingers in the cold water and enjoyed a quick rest before tackling the hike back to the van.

I don't think we've ever been so happy to see our van!  We checked the trail map on our way out and discovered that we had walked over four and a half kilometers!  When we got home it was time to fill our faces and sip some well deserved hot chocolate!

 And they're OFF!!

 Old Man's Beard.
 Such a pretty little spot.

 A wandering she goes..
 Time for a rest.

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Bernietothe9th said...

Great trail I walked it with my sisters in June, So Nanny Peric would be familiar