Wednesday, October 05, 2016

I Have Interesting Kids...

And my kids say some pretty interesting things.  Let's take today for example.  Today was our first official Down East homeschool group meeting.  At the beginning of circle time the kids were instructed to pair up and then share with their new friend their name, their age and something interesting about themselves.

Emma-Lyn and her new friend were the first of my kids to share and she nailed it. Her new friend had to introduce her and it went something like this:

"This is Emma-Lyn and she's eight and she had a bunny once but her mom fed it a leaf and it died."

Out of all her life experiences this is what my dear daughter picked. SERIOUSLY?!!

Levi was also interesting today.  He missed his nap due to our homeschool group but he had a grand time.  After our meeting we went down to the waterfront to play with some of our friends.  At one point he and a few of the other boys got into the water.  Levi LOVED it.  He kept circling a rock and then he'd look up at me and exclaim, "I'm WET!"

After all the fun was over we walked home and the kids piled up on the couch to read.  Levi finally conked out and I didn't have the heart to disturb him so we had supper while he slept.  I took the older kids to step dance class and when I came home the lad was still sleeping.  This was not good. But I was hopeful that he'd wake up and feel refreshed and be his happy self. I was WRONG...Oh, I was so wrong.  He was CRANKY.  He was crying, screaming and flailing and there did not seem to be any way to console the dear boy. 

I took him to the bathroom and drew him a bath.  He continued to flail and scream and cry.  I plunked him in the water and still the wailing and gnashing of teeth continued.  I tried to distract him with conversation and talked about our day. Still more tears and wailing until I casually mention his going in the water at the waterfront. And just like that, the boy smiles broadly and looks at me and gleefully admits, "I got wet!"

Fun Times!

The slides at the waterfront.

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