Sunday, October 23, 2016

Play Date Fun

Today we had the Beuckert boys come for a visit and Emma-Lyn went to play with Isabel and Eliza for the afternoon.

It was a bit damp and overcast but the air was warm.  I took the boys over to Knox's Falls and Dam for some fun.  They loved it!  There was much gallivanting about and I took some time to snap a few photos.

Rachel picked up Emma-Lyn on her way over to our place to pick up her boys.  We made a double batch of nachos for supper and  we all dug right in.  After supper the kids scooted off to play and Rachel and I got to sip our coffees and chat before it was time to say good-bye.

Levi had been napping when we went out and when we came back, he wanted to go for a trailwalk.  The boys went in to play and I took Levi down to the waterfront for a little walk.  He seemed delighted.
 Such a dreamy little spot.

 Gabe and Nate trying to capture some water striders.

The futility of trying to throw a leaf into the water.

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